that change
the world

Art for...
... Social Change

We work from the belief that art is a powerful process of personal and social transformation. We work together to transform our own lives and experiences whilst also addressing our collective social concerns. Thus, art is action.

... Education

We work closely in formal and informal contexts in the pursuit of an holistic curriculum which nourishes and activates all learners into thinkers, reflectors and doers: learners ready for the challenges of the 21 century.

... Deep Engagement

We believe that dialogue should not be limited to dominant ‘ways of knowing’; we therefore attempt to work in ways that engage and free up other ways of thinking and ways of working. This involves exploring through experience, action and the body.

  • We watched all our pupils blossom during the course of our project, as all learning styles were naturally and creatively catered for. Gary Gardiner was a skilful motivator and an inspiration to all our pupils and staff. He was able to accurately judge and respond to changing needs and provided challenging stimulus in an exciting and interactive way. I have already recommended him to my colleagues and wouldn’t hesitate to discuss how positively the project has affected our whole school community.
  • ... a tremendous all-singing, all-dancing, witty skit at the manipulative myth-making that uses sentiment and guilt as leverage on our wallets and credit cards.
    The Herald
  • ...a postmodern cabaret that pays ironic homage to a world view that has shaped the private and public lives of a generation.
    The Guardian
  • ...harnessing the children's excitement for the tasks at hand is crucial to the success of this ground-breaking creative project.
  • The impact of this project was profound, influencing future learning and teaching and I hope to include Gary in future projects in school to cement the approach he modelled.